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Xterra and Frontier Centerlink

Xterra and Frontier Centerlink

SKU: 364215376135191

We do not recommend using MOOG inner tie rod ends (TREs) with this centerlink.  The oversized body of the MOOG inner TRE can have very light rubbing contact against the frame.


Have a 1999-2004 4x4 Nissan Xterra or Frontier?  Want to avoid steering wear, steering play, death wobble, excessive tire wear? You have found your solution.


This product replaces the stock centerlink with one modified to allow zero out of plane twisting - the factory flaw that destroys these centerlinks.  


We recommend that you replace your stock centerlink with a Grassroots 4x4 centerlink immediately if any of these activities or modifications apply to you or your truck:

  • Larger-than-stock tires
  • Frequent four wheel drive use
  • Suspension lift
  • Front locker
  • Heavy off-road use
  • Towing or pulling other vehicles, trailers, or objects with 4x4 engaged


These modifications and uses place too much stress on the factory steering and will cause failure.  When the steering fails, often it will leave the vehicle undrivable, requiring a tow or an inconvenient fix in the field.  Save yourself this headache and upgrade your steering now. 



    Remove the factory centerlink.  Drill out the pitman and idler arm tapered holes to 5/8".  This can be accomplished on the vehicle with a hand drill but we recommend removing the arms and using a drill press.


    The centerlink is then installed using the supplied bolts, washers, castle nuts and cotter pins.  You MUST use the cotter pin after torquing to prevent steering loss.  


    The washers are placed such that they contact the heads of the bolts and the castle nuts.  There should be no washer between the centerlink and the idler or pitman arms.


    Torque the 5/8" bolts to 95 ft-lbs and install the supplied cotter pins.  Done.  You will need a fresh alignment.  


    Recheck bolt torque and inspect steering system for wear or damage regularly.  


    If you cannot ship a core in advance, a $100 core deposit will be charged.  To receive a refund of your $100 core deposit, mail your factory centerlink core to Grassroots 4x4 within 45 days of purchase.  Contact us for specific shipping instructions.  If you need additional time, this must be arranged in advance.  After 45 days we use this core deposit to source an additional centerlink to maintain our inventory and the deposit will not be refunded.

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